Contact Me

Feel free to drop me a line! I'm always happy to chat about making music, multimedia production, web development ... and, of course, anything to do with the Super Nintendo! Questions, comments, concerns, hopes, dreams, fears ... fond memories, an itch to reminisce ... you name it! I may not respond right away, but rest assured, I'll listen to whatever you have to say.

Thank You

Yes, I'm talking to YOU, the person reading this! Thanks for checking out my music. It means a lot to me! My music can't do much good without an audience. I'm tremendously grateful for the modest fan base that has followed me so far, and I will continue to do whatever I can to give back to all of you in creative ways. You have helped fulfill a childhood dream, and all of your comments and support continue to lift me up, and further inspire me in this great passion of mine. Thank you. :)

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